British military targets Irish youth

15032315_1045238642255282_5637185720145768128_nPreas Ráitheas / Press Release – 15/11/2016

“Republican Sinn Féin in Tyrone have criticized the actions of the RUC/PSNI, who have been busy doing the footwork of the British army.  We criticizes also the ignorance of the Loreto Grammar School in Omagh.

British forces in this country have no right to be here.  They have a history of oppression and murder on behalf of England’s want to own Ireland.  Any Irish people who collaborate with this rule dishonor the memory of every man, woman and child who ever suffered at the hands of British rule.

The Loreto GS tweet thanking the PSNI for informing students about careers in the RAF Cadets under the guise of ‘building the community’ fall exactly in line with current British Army policy in Ireland.   Operation Helvetic, is the British armies current campaign title.  Helvetic was an 18th century Swiss society with the aim of merging Catholics and Protestants into one society.

The great problem for us here is not of religion, the entire of the occupied six counties is based on a sectarian head count and as long as British forces remain, they will remain the source of divisions.  Shame on the Loreto GS for collaborating with British imperialists.”

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