Solidarity expressed with Standing Rock

Irish activists gathered today outside the US embassy in Dublin to express their solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux who are protesting against the imposition of an oil pipeline on their lands.  In protesting, the Dakota Sioux and their allies are saying no to this pipeline, and yes to the protection of sacred lands, burial grounds and natural water which otherwise will be destroyed along with the wider environment and wildlife.  We have once more witnessed the wrath of the US colonial mind-set in how it treats its indigenous population.  While we in Ireland can but stand on and watch, there are those of use who feel compelled to raise our voices, we two have witnessed our sacred lands destroyed, our waters and wildlife polluted and killed, and pipelines from corporations forced through our communities.

While this event was organised by Republican Sinn Féin, we stated that it was an opportunity for Irish people of all shades of opinion to gather in solidarity with the protestors in Dakota, other such shows of solidarity from Ireland will be organised by others as this protest goes on.  The message today was Ireland is watching, and we stand with you.  #DakotaAccessPipeline #StandingRock facebook:

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