If you fill in the Census Form on April 24th just be aware that a company called CACI (UK) are again involved.

“For 2016 the contract for the provision of IT systems for scanning and processing the census forms has been awarded to CACI (UK) Ltd.This is the fourth Irish census that CACI UK Ltd. have been involved in having first worked on the 2002 census and then again on the 2006 and 2011 censuses.”

So you just don’t know where your personal info is going to end up. MI5? British marketing companies?

If on the other hand you live in one of the six Counties in the north east you will be totally ignored and excluded. You may be 100% Irish, hold an Irish passport, speak the Irish language, etc., but in the eyes of the CSO you are a foreigner to be discriminated against and ignored.

The above mentioned CACI seem to be well in with the CSO. Wonder how much they are getting paid? Have a look below at their involvement in Iraq and decide for yourself if these are nice people to be doing business with.

Abu Ghraib

On June 9, 2004, a group of 256 Iraqis sued CACI International and Titan Corporation in U.S. federal court. The plaintiffs, former prisoners, allege that the companies directed and participated in torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, sexual assault, as well as cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment at Abu Ghraib prison. The U.S. Government had hired CACI and Titan to provide interrogation and translation services at military prisons in Iraq.

CACI employees Joe Ryan and Steven Stephanowicz were investigated in the Taguba inquiry. The Department of the Army found that “contractors were involved in 36 percent of the [Abu Ghraib] proven incidents” and identified 6 employees as “individually culpable”, although none have faced prosecution, unlike Department of Defense servicemen.

According to an early Army report, a CACI interrogator “[m]ade a false statement to the investigation team regarding the locations of his interrogations, the activities during his interrogations, and his knowledge of abuses”. Further, investigators found the CACI interrogator encouraged Military Policemen to terrorize inmates, and “clearly knew his instructions equated to physical abuse”.

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