POW Update: Maghaberry


Preas Ráitheas/Press Release – 05/04/16

An update on the case of Gabriel Mackle being denied compassionate parole to attend his sons confirmation.

Gabriel has now been denied legal aid to pursue this case in court through juridical review, he cannot as many can’t afford to pursue justice without it.  This leaves Gabriel, a father of four young children unable to perform the duties of a father and unable to be included in the practice of his religious beliefs. This is yet another blow to Republicans struggling for just treatment and equality within the jail. Given the fact that he is due to be released on home leave in December of this year it is ridiculous that he is unable to attend his sons confirmation. The jail administration has carefully considered this and sees this as another way of getting their own back at the expense of a man’s rights not only as a father but as a human being.

This is what faces our POWs, a bitter and twisted regime incapable of showing compassion to another human being.


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