2016 Easter Statement from I.R.A POWs


Republican Sinn Féin National Colour Party Marching in 2015, Republican Sinn Féin fully supports the Republican POWs!

A Chairde,

It is with great honour and much pride that we address this statement to the people of Ireland on this the 100th year, that we celebrate our gallant leaders and comrades, who rose up to fight the foreign oppressor. Despite certain quisling narratives, our liberty is still denied and our people are still oppressed.

The current political parties of the two corrupt establishments enforced in our country, have a mandate and that mandate is to maintain the status quo of British Rule and increase the margin between the rich and poor.

We languish in captivity, as the symbolic representation of the continued legacy of armed resistance. We will never be accomplice to the signing of agreements or treaties, which are treason under the Irish Republic. We will only recognise the legitimate government of Ireland, Dail Eireann convened in 1919. We again pledge our unwavering support to the Leadership of the Continuity Army Council who are the legitimate guardians of the Irish Republic.

We continue on a daily basis along with our other comrades in the Gaol to face down this brutal administration which is an extension of the state apparatus employed to destroy our movement. We will achieve political status, because we will not be broken, we will not bow and we will endure all the pain inflicted upon us by the state. We will not be convinced of agreements reached in the future, we will not be fooled by the carefully choreographed routine planned out by the British Security Services. We Defy You, Do Your Worst!!

We call on the provisional revisionists to stop referring to themselves as Sinn Fein. They have taken their permanent position as the lackey’s of the crown and enforcers of British Rule.

We call also for caution comrades do not be fooled in participating in the continuation of partition through a call for opposition in Stormont it is an insidious objective. Think instead of an alternative and fight for the Republic proclaimed in 1916. No one said this road would be easy, it seldom will be but it is just and it is the correct course of action, we are entrenched by the enemy but we who remain, remain strong and resilient in the face of an ancient enemy.  We will prevail, we will proclaim victory, instead of poverty we will have prosperity, and instead of evictions we will have social justice.

In the words of Bobby Sands: “I may die, but the Republic of 1916 will never die. Onward to the Republic and the liberation of our people”.


— O/C – (C) I.R.A Prisoners of War, Roe 4, Maghaberry

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