Maghaberry Update


Preas Raithéas / Press Release / 24-3-2016

Today we see yet again, the unbreakable resolve of our prisoners of war, but also the bitter and twisted vindictiveness they are forced to endure. Gabriel Mackle a father of four has been to the forefront along with his comrades in challenging the prison regime over the un-suitable conditions they are forced to live in. From the mouse maze they have to navigate on a daily basis, which has increased the controlled movement policy, to the brutal policy of strip searching. Because of his determination to improve conditions and achieve the political status needed to resolve the conflict in the jail, he has been singled out yet again for retribution.

Two weeks ago Gabriel applied for compassionate parole to attend his son’s confirmation, having already served the majority of his time, this request was hardly unreasonable. Today the 24th of March Gabriel was informed that he has been refused the compassion which anyone would be afforded, and that everyone should receive. We see yet again that the Gaol administration cannot even fulfil one of its own so called aims by allowing a respectable man the opportunity to re-integrate with his wider community and increase the bond with his young family.

Of course legal representation has been sought and will proceed accordingly. This is again, a blatant disregard of a man’s rights as a human being to be afforded the same compassion anyone deserves. The fact of the matter is that convicted criminals in for numerous violent offenses including sexual offense are afforded more compassion from the Gaol administration than a respectable family man and republican prisoner.


O/C – (C) I.R.A Prisoners of War, Roe 4, Maghaberry

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