Preas Ráitheas / Press Release – 12/3/16

Today is the third day that there are no visits in Roe House, Maghaberry jail in Co Antrim. Roe House is on lockdown with some unbelievable excuse of a security alert – the jail administration has to justify their disgraceful behaviour after all.

The petty and vindictive action by the regime is an effort by the governor and screws to boost their “power” in their own minds. The keys on their belt gives them a sense of superiority; but in reality they are despised because of their brutal ill treatment of Republican prisoners and often do not tell their family and community what they do for a living.

Their attempt to break the POWs will never succeed and one day the POWs will walk free with their heads held high.

Once again the silence is deafening from those in power, however we have come to expect nothing else from them.Their indifference to the abuse of Republican prisoners is all the more shocking when they not just knew of such abuse but many of them experienced it.

The Republican prisoners are Political Prisoners and they refuse to accept anything less.

We send solidarity greetings to the POWs and indeed to their families who also suffer the consequences of the lockdown.


RSF POW Department

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