Harassment Continues [RSF Tyrone]


Preas Ráitheas/Press Release

It has been reported over the course of the last number of weeks an increase in targeted oppression against our members in County Tyrone from the British colonial police.  On the 8th of February, one member was forcibly removed from his car under the draconian Prevention against Terrorism Act.  The next stop and search was on the 11 of February.  The next was on the 13 of February and hours later on the same date at 22:30 the same members were subjected to another search, this time outside of their home.  On the 14 of February these same members of Republican Sinn Féin were subject to more harassment at the hands of the British occupiers, members of the Seán Sabhat Cumann stated;

“In the latest attack on our members a shot from some sort of a weapon was fired at the windscreen of a members car late last night in the same area were the RUC/PSNI been harassing our members and have sat outside the members house in previous occasions.”

This constant harassment of Republican Sinn Féin will not deter our membership from going about their work of building RSF in the County, history has shown that such oppression only breeds resistance and as far as resisting British rule is concerned, nothing has changed.


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