Republican Sinn Féin International Political Prisoners’ Day 2015 Statement

In 1922, the international association for political prisoners Red Aid appointed March 18 as the day in remembrance of political prisoners and those who suffer under state repression. Since then political prisoners all over the world are commemorated on this day.

The POW-Department and the International Relations Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin uses this day to send greetings to our imprisoned comrades all over the world. While we have highlighted the plight of the Irish Republican Prisoners’, the Craigavon2, the protests in Maghaberry and the continued struggle for justice of all Irish Republican prisoners in recent weeks and months, we want to use the opportunity of the International Political Prisoners’ Day 2015 to express solidarity with our imprisoned comrades all over the world.

From Palestine to Kurdistan, from Sri Lanka to the Philippines, from Ukraine to Turkey, from the USA to Bahrain, political activists are imprisoned worldwide because of their progressive stance against injustice, imperialism, capitalism, colonialism, fascism, racism, sexism, repression, torture, censorship, harassment, and oppression. We as Irish Republicans salute these comrades and pledge our continued support with all progressive and anti-imperialist prisoners of the world.

downloadSince the days of the Fenian prisoners, the Irish Prisoners of War have been a beacon for world-wide anti-colonial movements. Indian anti-imperialists studied the writings of Hunger striker Terence MacSwiney and progressive governments all over the world named streets after IRA Volunteer Bobby Sands, to name just two examples.

During these decades of long and hard struggle of the Irish POWs, the Republican Movement in Ireland never forgot its comrades all over the world. Hence, we want use the International Day for Political Prisoners on March 18 to send greetings to all imprisoned comrades in Ireland and around the world. The struggle of the Republican Movement is for national-liberation and the democratic-socialist All-Ireland Republic. Our fight is part of an international fight for a democratic and just society. In fact, the struggle of the Republican Movement will not be over until our last international comrade is freed from the chains of imperialism and oppression!

International Relations Bureau

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