Éire Nua: For a New Ireland

Preas Ráiteas/Press Release

Republican Sinn Féin is holding a public forum entitled: Éire Nua: For a New Ireland in the Conway Mill, Belfast on this Saturday, March 14 from 11 am to 4pm. The purposes of the forum is to debate and discuss the merits or otherwise of Éire Nua as an alternative to the present paritionist political structures.

Engagement on alternatives to what is a clearly failed political process is vital as Stormont stumbles from one crisis to another and the sectarian divide grows ever wider.

The so-called ‘Stormont House Agreement’, which is at the centre of yet, another Stormont ‘crisis’ underlines the lack of democracy and sovereignty that lies at the heart of Stormont. It is an assembly that is merely an adjunct of the British Parliament at Westminster, merely a tool for implementing British Government social and economic policy in Ireland.

Real social, political and economic change cannot emerge from such political structures.
Éire Nua represents true participatory democracy, empowering people from national, to regional, to provincial, right down to community level. It ensures maximum participation by all sections of the Irish people in the decisions that impact on them and their communities and their nation.

The forum will engage in debate on Éire Nua as an alternative to the failed politics of sectarianism and partition. Other key themes will be the issue of human, civil and economic rights in a New Ireland.

We welcome wide participation in this debate. We present Éire Nua as means of delivering on Wolfe Tone’s ideal of uniting the people of Ireland, Protestant Catholic and Dissenter.
The Forum is open to the public and all those interested in attending are welcome.

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