RSF Belfast: New e-mail address

Preas Ráiteas/Press Release

Following a hacker-attack on the previous e-mail account of the Joe McKelvey/Jimmy Steele Cumann, Belfast, the previous account has been permanently deleted by the Webmaster Team of Republican Sinn Féin.

The new e-mail address for contacting Republican Sinn Féin in County Antrim and the Joe McKelvey/Jimmy Steele Cumann in Belfast is: This is the only e-mail address for Republican Sinn Féin in Belfast and County Antrim.


For confirmation: M Uí B, PRO Joe Mc Kelvey/Jimmy Steele Cumann, Beflast, Oifig Bhéal Feirste, 229 Bóthar na bhFál, Beál Feirste, BT12 6FB, Fón: 9031 9004

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