Republican Sinn Féin supports the Greyhound workers

Preas Ráiteas / Press Release

The continued denial by the owners of Greyhound Recycling and Recovery (Buckley brothers) of the worker’s rights is reminiscent of days of the 1913 Lockout. Over a century later the Greyhound workers are locked out of their employment.

What is happening to the greyhound workers is part of an attempt by employers and the 26-County Administration to row back on the social advances of the past one hundred years. It is no surprise the Buckley brothers thought that all they had to do was tell 70 workers ‘sign this form, take a 35% pay cut or go’. They were after all just following the example set by the 26 County Administration who imposed tax cuts and tax levies without consultation and with arrogance on those who can least afford it. Cuts in wages accompanied the social charge plus property tax, household tax, water charges etc. Cuts in funding in social care, medical cards…the list is endless.

So the Buckley brothers thought they could just ‘take what the workers refused to give’ and when they workers resisted, the company employed scab labour. The striking workers are showing a steak of steel that was badly needed in this country. The workers all over Ireland are watching and supporting the Greyhound men. This is a turning point for workers and trade unions.

This dispute is going on since June. The hardship imposed on the families of the men is unacceptable. We call on all workers to support these men – you could be next, remember the traditional call of the trade union movement: “An injury to one is an injury to all.”

We stand in solidarity with the striking workers and their families.

 – Republican Sinn Féin

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