Torture Sanctioned at the Highest Level

Statement from Fergal Moore, Vice-President Sinn Féin Poblachtach

The RTE Investigation’s Unit documentary The Torture Files was a vindication of what those victims of this torture, the “Hooded Men”, have been saying for over 40 years. The abuse inflicted by the British Army on Irish people, described as the Five Techniques, could be called nothing else but torture.

The “five techniques” comprised

* hooding
* wall-standing in stress positions for hours on end
* white noise
* sleep deprivation
* food and water deprivation

These were in addition to severe beatings and in some cases electric shocks. These torture techniques were also used by the British Army in other countries such as Kenya, Cyprus and more recently Iraq.

The programme confirmed that the torture of Irish citizens by the British Army was sanctioned at the highest levels of the British cabinet and that the British lied continuously and withheld evidence about it. This is further proof that there can be no true justice in Ireland while British occupation remains.

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