Repression and police brutality in Turkey

A number of international organisations signed a letter of protest against repression and police brutality in Turkey. In the letter, thesignatories demand an immediate end to police violence againstgovernment-critical forces and legal consequences for those responsible for thebrutality. The letter is addressed to Prime Minister Erdogan, the Ministry ofJustice and the Ministry of the Interior. It is signed by the International Department of Republican Sinn Féin as well as socialist and revolutionary groups from Lebanon, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and England.

We hereby protest vehemently against the massive attacks and brutal violence of the Turkish police on progressive forces.

Since June 2013, at least 11 people were killed by police operations targeted at political protests.Recently, 307 workers were killed cruelly in the devastating ‘mine disaster’ in Soma, because the safety precautions and checks with the backing of the government have not complied.

Cynically, this largest mine disaster, correctly called as pits massacre by the unions, was discounted by Prime Minister Erdogan as a “fate” and “ordinary work accident”. Consequently this led to new national and international protests.

While the authorities have done nothing to investigate the murder crime against 14-year old Berkin Elvan during Gezi protests and even complicated them, the repression and violence continues unabated against democratic protests. The number of police victims again increased with the murder of Ugur Kurt and Ayhan Yilmaz, just a few days ago.

Early this morning, war like police operations were performed in several neighbourhoods of Istanbul,especially in Okmeydani, Gazi and Kucuk Armutlu. 1,500 police forces participated in that operation. During their raids in clubs and apartments –including the Youth Federation – throughout the day up to 14 persons were arrested in the most brutal manner. 12 members of the youth organization have been arrested yesterday at a protest for Berkin Elvan in Taksim.

Such repressive measures in given circumstances, raise the urgent suspicion that the government in Turkey detract from its political responsibility for the numerous human rights violations and deaths, seeking to overcome the opposition to the AKP regime, swelling and blazing all over the country with all means available and to criminalize it.

The sustained demanded conviction of the police forces, who claimed various human lives, is being answered with even more violence, repression and judicial persecution.

We demand an immediate end to police violence against government-critical forces and legal consequences!

We demand the immediate release of those arrested during the police raids and see the responsibility for any physical force to detainees in police custody, as it is to be feared, with the political power, on the side of the increasingly authoritarian AKP regime, shaped by police violence, massacres and discrimination.

Republican Sinn Féin, International Department (Ireland)
KOMintern (Austria)
Internationale Plattform gegen Isolation
Partei der Arbeit (Austria)
Linke Zeitung (Germany)
Zusammen Kämpfen (Germany)
Matthias Kramer, DKP Magdeburg (Germany)
Netzwerk Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen, Hamburg, Stuttgart &Magdeburg (Germany)
ARAB (Germany)
Rote Hilfe (Switzerland)
Matyas Benyik, Chairman ATTAC (Hungary)
so_ko_wpt (soli-komitee-wuppertal) (Germany)
Editorial board of Labournet (Austria)
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) (England)
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (Lebanon)
Desmond Fernandes, Anti-torture and Genocide Studies scholar (England)
Stjepan Krčmar, Editor (Serbia)
Bündnis gegen den Krieg – Hände Weg von Syrien (Austria)
Arbeitermacht (Germany)
Miray Erbey, Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin (Germany)

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