False RTÉ Claim

Preas Railteas:

On the 25th of May, RTÉ made a claim that Nicola Lawless of Provisional Sinn Féin Greystones, was the first female Sinn Féin councillor in Wicklow. This claim was also made by East Coast FM in their news feed on today the 26th.

This claim is totally false and a complaint has been sent in to both RTE and East Coast FM. Maria Curran was in fact the first female Sinn Féin councillor elected in Wicklow. She was elected in January 1920 and served as chairperson of Arklow District Council. The council met in her home until it was destroyed by British forces during one of their weekly raids. Ironically, Nicola Lawless’s party, Provisional Sinn Féin, nowadays aids and abets this same harassment of modern day Republicans.

We would question the credibility of the research departments in both RTE and East Coast FM if this is the kind of flawed reporting it regurgitates.


E. de Bothún
O Brádaigh/Raghallaigh cumann
Republican Sinn Féin

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