RSF Position Papers

1_Sinn Féin Westminster Election Manifesto_1955
2_A Proud History Gives Us Confidence of Victory_1956
3_Restore the Means of Production to the People
4_What is Irish Republicanism
5_Where Sinn Féin Stands
6_Sinn Féin Yesterday and Today
7_Historic Sinn Féin Declaration
8_Where Republican Sinn Féin Stands
9_A Vision of Future Celtic Identity and Co-operation
10_Elections and Abstentionism
11_An Address to the People of Ireland
12_26-County Election Manifesto_2004
13_Stormont Election Manifesto_2007
14_Prisoners Statements 2013_14
15_New-Colonial Ireland
16_Defending the Earth
17_Speech on James Connolly
18_Éire agus Breizh-United in Struggle
19_Where we Stand
20_Sinn Féin – 100 Years of Continuity
21_40 Years of Éire Nua
22_An Ghaeilge-Why it is so Important
23_In Defence of Irish Republicanism
24_Minority Rights and Federalism in Éire Nua
25   Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week
26  IAF 2013 – Internationalism
27 (7th International Eyup Bas Symposium against Imperialism

28 Decade of Centenaries. Lecture to 112ú Sinn Féin Ard Fheis

29 We have Never Accepted Defeat, Slavery or Conquest

30 Let us learn form the past and build a New Ireland

31  Community Strategy Document launched at 2017 Ard Fheis

“Educate, that you might be free. We are most anxious to get the quiet, strong minded people who are scattered throughout the country to see the force of this great truth.”

– Thomas Osbourne Davis

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