End of eviction ban will lead to increase in homeless numbers

The news today (March 7, 2023) that the 26-County State will end its ban on no-fault evictions comes as no surprise to most people. A strong landlord lobby as well as many elected reps being landlords themselves meant this decision was always on the cards.
It will for sure lead to an increase in the high numbers of homeless families and individuals.

Despite the ban being in effect for months the numbers accessing homeless services has increased month on month. The knock-on effect of ending this ban will be that emergency accommodation will become even more overcrowded and lead to conflict within these premises.

While the ban definitely stopped many tenants from being evicted it was also a useful tool to deflect from the absolute abandonment of the duty the State has to build social and affordable housing for the people.

It is absolutely incredible to hear some Green Party members claim that the State has built the highest number of social houses since 1975. This is not borne out by the figures of the State itself.
Sinn Féin Poblachtach calls for an indefinite ban and a proper social house building plan with adequate funding. To rely on “the open market” is what has so many existing in homelessness presently.


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