Mise Éire


It takes a spark of genius, only possessed by those that God has touched to create an Art Form in two Gaelic words, Mise Éire.  Paying homage to God’s creation and steeped in the lore and language of Ireland, our great music composer, Séan Ó Riáda, elevated this art form of Pádraig Mac Piarais with that of his own genius art to carry Ireland away and beyond the stormy seas of hatred and division to a settled harbour in the blue Atlantic. This poster represents the National Territory of Ireland and the Sovereign property of the Irish People, Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter.


Mise Éire:

Taken from Pádraig Mac Piarais’s poem ‘The old woman of Beare’ wherein the first two words proclaims:

Mise Éire, which simply means, ‘I am Ireland’.  There is no other, no substitute and it belongs to the people of Ireland.

No foreign nation or country will ever be allowed to pull us apart and no treaty, agreement or tinkering shall declare for two nations in Ireland and be allowed to maintain.

Since England’s unilateral imposition of partition of our country, the descriptive narrative has evolved, in terms of language (parlance) used by the invader and native Irish apologists, to best identify and portray our country, to the people of Ireland, to the British people and to the wider world.  Language, parlance and descriptive narrative which lends itself to the maintenance of the status quo and the promotion of England’s undemocratic and continued overlordship of our country and our people.

Many indeed are the “forms of jargon” which have existed and are used by the English Imperial Government and this form of words imposed and trust upon our people, who for the most part accept such diminutive and insulting jargon used to utter the name of partitioned Ireland as part of their “survival mode”, in the everyday life of the occupation.

At the outset to partition, Winston Churchill, described it in his call to arms, for the benefit of the English Tories, “Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right”.

For 65 years the Six Occupied Counties were referred to as “the province” never as a country by commentators and politicians.

During the 1980s and early 1990s we heard during the, shoot to kill policy, about the “Ulsterisation” of the “troubles”.  This being the policy of summary execution of suspected members of the IRA and INLA many had been unarmed and many innocent Nationalist and Republican people were murdered.  The term “Ulsterisation” allowed those in Whitehall, London to wash their hands of any culpability in this new murderous response to the war in Ireland.

The language (parlance, jargon) used across the period of the partition runs something like this and of course, be mindful of the subtle shifts in the constitutional backdrop, which underpins these changes.  This list is not exhaustive.


The Irish Free State – Northern Ireland (the province)

The Irish Republic – Northern Ireland (the province)

The Irish Republic – (with Articles 2 and 3 of the (26-County) constitution, claiming jurisdiction over N Ireland) – Northern Ireland.

The “Province of Ulster” term used frequently by Rev. Ian Paisley.  (Refer to his “I say, Never, Never, Never” speech).

After the Stormont Agreement:

The Irish Republic – (with Articles 2 and 3 of the (26-County) constitution removed) – Northern Ireland.

The Modern Era:-

Ireland – Northern Ireland (collectively The Island of Ireland) –The Island.

This later assignment (26-County, “Ireland”) promoted by the English and the Government of the 26-County Republic of Ireland.  The reference to the 26-County as “Ireland” is particularly antagonistic and hurtful to the people of the Six Occupied Counties.  This can only be viewed as an advancement of the two countries in Ireland.  It is a ready expression within the hierarchy of the civil service in the 26-County administration, widely given explicit expression by radio stations along the border, RTE radio and television. 

It is also a well-used expression by the European Union statespeople.  This pokes the eyes of many Irish nationalist and Republican people and is something which prompted our poster campaign.

All this pointing up the fact, of the total exclusion of the people of the six north-eastern counties of Ireland.  The long-term intent is very clear; the people of the Six Counties are to be completely excluded from the new 26-County (“Ireland”) territory of Ireland.

This movement in language (parlance) methodology, has been used before with good effect.  This was recognised in the evolution, over 50 years of the European Union.

1956: ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community)

1957: EEC (European Economic Community) (The Treaty of Rome)

 1967: European Community (EEC – ECSC – Eurotom merge)

 1992: Single European Act is passed.

1993: The European Union (without legal personality)

2004: The European Union (with legal personality. Refer Art IV-438 of Treaty of Rome 2004

“There would be only one legally recognised organisation (The European                           

 Union) with a single legal personality.”*

The “European Union” was a concept in European circles back in the 1970s, long before it ever came to pass.  Nevertheless, one step at a time and they got there.

It is noteworthy that residency in the Republic of Ireland is now necessary for full employment rights so already we have been downgraded to second-class Irish citizens.  This because the Administration in Leinster House did not demand our rights as Irish citizens, regardless of where we reside in Ireland.   Death by a thousand cuts for the people of Occupied Ireland, all achieved by treachery and stealth.  A positive factor in this for the people of the 26-County territory will mean no longer having to compete with people from the Six Counties for jobs and this situation is helping to solidify the partition in our country.  When the European statesmen speak of standing by “Ireland” they are talking about the 26 Counties. 

This is what is happening in our country today.  For the Republic of Ireland (sic) politicians, the status quo, provides for their future and the future of their children.   And to hell with nationhood.  The status quo is basically the normalisation of partition.

For their part, the English government are ensuring that their new-found footing in Ireland is promoted to the greatest extent.  The main BBC news now signs of with the proclamation, “ … we now hand you over to the nations and regions of the United Kingdom, where you are.”

They are hopeful, that with the help of the Government parties in the 26-County “Republic of Ireland” they can over time normalise partition. 

We witness year in and year out sporting giants from the Occupied Six Counties, from all genres, golfing, athletics, boxing etc, having to swallow their Irish pride in order not to offend those who brazenly make racist incursions into their lives.  These are Irish sporting people, harassed by the media and coerced in a public way to acquiesce to the ignorant bullying intent of journalists and broadcasters. Akin to recruiting people in a public way to support a political philosophy by coercion.  If they do not “play ball” they are given the red card.

The civil servants (all kept mute and docile because of a job, fearful that one slip and you’re out or your promotion is gone).

The whole raft of organisations (good wholesome organisations) depending on government grants and all the time compliant with the wishes of those handing out the money.

School teachers and school children are press-ganged into the delivery of crowds and spectators at functions organised by pro-English elements.  School teachers and children exposed to gun totting members of a paramilitary police force the RUC/PSNI.  All tolerated by a people in “survival mode”.

It is obvious to any independent political observer that the language (parlance) is exclusively partitionist and that as modernity matures and ripens the partition of Ireland shall be swallowed whole by a politically hygienic society.  Well, this is their plan.  We also have plans and our poster campaign will parallel their campaign to dupe the people of Ireland.

We say to the Irish people do not use the language (parlance) of slaves, but rather shout out loud for the cause of Ireland.

Mise Éire

Sine mé ná an Chailleach Bhéarra

Mór mo ghloir

Me a rug Cú Chulainn croga

Mór mo Náir

Mo chlann féin a dhíol a Máthair

Mór mo phian

Bithmaimhde do mo Shiorchiapadh

Mór mo bhrón

D’ éag an dream inar chuireas dóchas

Mise Éire

Uaigní me ná an Chailleach Bhéarra

I am Ireland

I am older than the old woman of Beare

Great is my glory

I who bore Cuchulainn, the brave

Great my shame

My own children who sold their Mother

Great my pain

My irreconcilable enemy

Who harasses me continually

Great my sorrow

That crowd, in whom I placed my trust, died

I am Ireland

I am lonelier than the old Woman of Beare.

What was Pádraig Mac Piarais thinking about when he penned these words.  Was he focusing on the Irish people of the past, the present (his contemporaries) or the future.  He profiles the “Old woman of Beare” as Mother Ireland; he speaks about the enemy who is hard to get rid of and of those in whom he put his trust selling the cause. 

I believe that the focus of his ire was his contemporaries and conscious of the rumblings taken place, down in the sticks, of Irish Republicanism at the time,  I believe he and the others of 1916, were fearful that the Republic might never be declared, he foresaw the treachery and I believe he foresaw partition and so conclusively, he was reaching out to the future, beyond partition and boy did he nail it so well.  He had all the angles covered for Ireland without uttering a distaining word.  He has left us well advised.

I have seen the film about Michael Collins. I have to say for me it was difficult to watch for like most of you, we all knew the sorrowful end and I am sorry too, that the man was shot.  Yet I say to those who follow in his footsteps, show us, show us the stepping-stones to the 32-County All-Ireland Republic proclaimed by Pádraig Mac Piarais at Easter 1916.  They will say, with some truth, that it was done for peace. I ask has the last 100 years been peaceful?

John Hume told the Irish people that the Stormont [Good Friday] Agreement was about peace, with some truth.  Then within hours of having got the agreement over the line he stated that the two referendums were “necessary to reverse the 1918 election”.  (RTE news, interview with Bertie Ahern, 6.27pm August 3, 2020, date of John Hume’s death).  So much for promoting the cause of Ireland. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anamacha.

That the Irish People wanted peace, there is no shame in that.

For peace, people like Lord Gerry Fitt, John Hume and Austin Currie gave succour and political cover to the English government’s continued grip on Ireland, while branding their Irish people as cowards, murderers and terrorists and so on.  

Today, there is nothing murderous or cowardly about the people of Ukraine defending their homeland.  The SDLP did not call the English paratroopers murderers.  No, they had a legal right to kill our people.  They have had a legal right to kill our people over these last 850 years.  Just as the slavers had a legal right to slavery.  The strange thing is that all of this pain and death was and is warranted on profit and power.  If there were no profit in the taking of Ireland and redistributing the land of the Irish people then it would probably not have happened.  Had there not been profit in slavery and opium then a lot of the killing by the English in the interests of the Landed Lords of England then these cruel things would not have happened. 

They thought that Irish Republicans would “go home”, well they were wrong.

Religious Kingdoms and Caliphates are the antithesis of Republicanism.  Ireland’s Republicanism was the creation of Theobald Wolfe Tone and developed from his efforts to create an equal society for all Irish citizens.

Let us explain to the oppressors of our people those in Whitehall, London, Stormont Castle, Co Antrim and Leinster House, Dublin (the three pillars of partition) we recognise all of these things you have done, from our past, we recognise all your activities in our present (for you have not changed) and no doubt we can be sure of your heavy hand for some years to come.  True Irishmen and Irishwomen will not become inert to their nationhood and we shall have our country free at last.

An Phoblacht Abú.

*Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations: “The legal personality of the European Union”, Authors: Philippe de Schoutheete and Sami Andoura.

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