Not a peace plan, but Apartheid: “Trump Plan”


“On 28/01/20 Donald Trump made clear his intentions to back Zionist Israel and their theft of Palestinian land. Against international recognised law, Trump and the US administration have shown the extent of their backing of this theft. It is clear that a just peace between the Palestinian people and the people of Israel is not the objective. The “Deal of the Century” is the backing of an Apartheid and Racist ideology over all else. This is not a negotiated deal, but the further imposition of of the supremacy of Zionism over all others in this region.

With this deal the Palestinian people will be relegated, if they aren’t already, to the position of second-class subjects of Israel. The Israeli government has tried for years to progress one race, one religion over the others of the region, Zionists have continually violated the rights of Palestinians irrespective of their religion and trampled them under foot.

It is unclear what the future holds for the Palestinians, but what is clear is that the United States cannot be seen as honest brokers within any conflict in the whole region. Now is the time for others, globally, to step up and recognise the facts on the ground. Israel is a racist and apartheid state, it is murdering with impunity the people of Palestine. Israel has ignored the UN continually. Simply put Israel is a rogue state, it is time for all, people, governments, sports bodies and intellectuals to boycott Israel, this has been proven to impact on the worst excesses of Zionism.”


– International Relations Bureau, Sinn Féin Poblachtach

Ranganna:International News