Political Policing Continues

The Thomas Harte Cumann Of Republican Sinn Fein wholeheartedly condemn the actions of the local RUC PSNI who on 10th April carried out an arrest operation detaining four of our members for commemorating Ireland’s patriot dead during a 1916 Easter rising commemoration In Lurgan.

This is nothing more than an act of state oppression and political censorship of legitimate Republican activists based in the North Lurgan communities. The arrest operation started at 6am in the morning with armed thugs banging the doors of our members with kids in bed sleeping, two activists where dragged from the house to the Local RUC barracks where they where interrogated over their involvement in what they describe as an “illegal parade”.

Another 2 members of the Thomas Harte Cumann in Lurgan where arrested at 3pm in Craigavon. The RUC PSNI positioned themselves outside a local primary school while 1 of the men lifted his child from school.

Children leaving school where visibly worried about the appearance of these armed thugs while leaving to go home.

Yet again the RUC showing themselves for what they truly are; bully boys in uniform who look to instil fear into activists children.

We would like to thank the local parents of children attending the school for voicing their anger and frustration towards the unreformed police force.

A fifth member was detained on Thursday 12th April after being followed by the RUC and dragged to the local barracks for questioning.

Upon release all five men where hit with ridiculous and stringent bail conditions.

One of the conditions states that they cannot be within 300 metres of Lurgan police station on the 28th April between 9am and 9pm. It is no coincidence they chose this date as it is the date Republican Sinn Fein have organised a protest against the recent upsurge in police brutality against the Republican community. A clear attempt to undermine republicans carrying out legitimate political activism.

Another condition states that members of the Thomas Harte Cumann are banned from contacting each other directly or indirectly, we believe this is the RUC PSNI trying to shut down our local Cumann. Have they something to fear? Perhaps it’s the fact they can see the North Lurgan area showing support for us and coming to Republican Sinn Fein members for help with issues regarding happenings in the local community etc that they don’t like.

The actions of The RUC PSNI will not deter any of us from carrying out our political activism, in fact it makes us more resilient and determined to carry on and show them we are here now, and we will be here long after their British presence is removed from our country.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite all genuine Republican political organisations to Our protest against the state brutality and oppression of Republicans. The protest will take place Saturday 28th April 1pm at Lurgan police station. We must stand united and defiant in the face oppression.

Thomas Harte Cumann PRO.

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