Don’t collaborate with the Crown Forces.

We have seen calls over the weekend and again today for people to provide information against republicans in Derry and Lurgan. We say don’t inform collaborating is akin to treachery….

It’s time for this practice to stop and those who conduct themselves as informers should no longer feel safe, we would urge anyone with information to approach the republican movement and expose British collaborators.

You are an enemy to the community if you provide information to the RUC/PSNI regarding republicans and will be treated as such.

Ignore the calls from British Sinn Fein they are traitors openly collaborating with the state and should be purged from the community by the community immediately.

These mercenaries who dispense foreign law are not of our community they are outsiders who rampage and violate our people at the behest of the orange state embodied by the DUP. It’s high time the provisionals leave the stage they have no strategy to alleviate British Rule and wish to keep the status quo, these traitors are exposed and should be expelled from all communities across Ireland.

Again do not conform, do not collaborate. Protect the republic and join the republican movement today.

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