A Day to Remember- Republicans beaten off the street in 2018

We have decided to release another statement on this matter just to address a few issues which have arisen since the attack on our Easter 1916 commemoration in Lurgan Co.Armagh on 31/03/18.

First we would like to dismiss the rumours suggesting that the local community in Lurgantarry refused to open the doors for those fleeing the onslaught unleashed by the crown forces. This is absolutely untrue, there were only a few instances where the community could assist the colour party and they did so, at great personal risk to themselves. They will not be vilified while we are capable of speaking for them. We commend the actions of the local community for assisting the Republican Movement when it was much easier to flee. You have our unending admiration and respect.

Again we are thankful for the support shown and solidarity sent from our comrades from other groups, it is much appreciated and we hope we can stand together on many issues going forward. We also acknowledge the support sent from Ogra Sinn Fein in Cavan, we would urge the youth to reflect upon the circumstances playing out across Ireland.

Now it is time to expose the masterminds of Saturday’s assault on the community. These two cretins issued and executed the attack on the RSF colour party, their names are Bernard O’Connor and Jon Burrows, both are pictured below. O’Connor is a bitter and twisted loner who spends his nights plotting the demise of hard working republican activists, blinded by his hatred he is constantly harassing and intimidating republicans, he believes it is humorous to frighten children using the excuse that they’ll “only grow up to be Fenian bastards anyways.” John Burrows is a mercenary who has been transplanted across the 6 counties causing mayhem and destruction wherever he may be, he is in fact such a lose canon that he has been moved on two occasions that we know of, for what can only be described as cases of gross incompetence, yet he is put in charge of various areas, this is the person Provisional Sinn Fein call on us to trust, he was also welcomed with open arms at the wake of Martin McGunniess and brought there by a prominent lackey.

We would also like to condemn Provisional Sinn Fein for their lack of condemnation of the British paramilitary RUC/PSNI, who they fully endorse and repeatedly ask us to assist. You should hang your heads in shame, and we demand you tell the people the truth, that since 2001 and likely before you have been assisting the British State suppress dissent by informing firstly and secondly providing training to those paramilitary thugs, so that they can break the communities. The realities are as plain as day the most vulnerable in our communities are daily victims of this society shaped by Provisional Sinn Fein and enforced by the RUC/PSNI. A society that is on the brink of a drugs epidemic, mass unemployment, no opportunities and a rising suicide rate, all engineered to keep our communities down trodden, but we say resist, defy these parasites and rise and claim your august destiny.

                       Jon Burrows                                          Bernard O’Connor

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