NO DEAL!: Constitutional Failure

As predicted many times over the past number of years the DUP do not want equality. They were forced into the Stormont assembly over 20 years ago, but were somewhat ok with it as the Unionists were in the majority and their veto meant that Nationalists and Republicans would only get what they (Unionists) were willing to give. The sectarian nature of the whole set-up was pointed out by Sinn Féin Poblachtach on many occasions.

Today Arlene Foster issued a statement that there was no prospect of talks leading to the formation of the so-called power sharing executive. It was clear from the last two elections in the Occupied Six Counties, local and Westminster, that Unionism was losing its majority locally but had increased in Westminster. With the coalition deal between the DUP and Tories, it was clear that the preferred option for the Unionists would be direct rule.

Barring an unlikely huge turn around by the DUP, direct rule will return to the Occupied Six Counties. This will make the DUP the only representatives of the people in this part of Ireland and considering the Provisionals are thus far refusing to take their seats in Westminster. With the Brexit looming large on the horizon a sizable amount of the Irish people will have no one advocating on their behalf. The talk by some in Westminster of “soft border” “electronic border”or some other is abdicating the obvious, that is, if/when Westminster leave the EU, there will be a real and tangible border running across Ireland.

The only viable solution is the reunion of the fine and ancient land. The illegal division of Ireland almost 100 years ago and the continuing occupation of the six north-eastern counties has sown the seeds of misery, sectarianism and corruption that have been evident in many sections of society. Now is the time for real change and for Unity. Sinn Féin has long argued for a Federal Socialist Ireland with our Éire Nua program as a good basis. It is well past time that “establishment” politicians cease placating those in Westminster and awaiting a sectarian headcount before even talking of a United Ireland, now is the time to demand the reunification of Ireland. A United Ireland is stronger and less costly to the tax-payer than this two failed states we have had for generations.


Time for a New Ireland; Am do Éire Nua

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