New Year Statement from the Leadership of Republican Sinn Féin

Our goal is a free Ireland in a world community of free nations

IN A New Year statement issued on January 10 the Leadership of Republican Sinn Féin said:

Republican Sinn Féin extends New Year greetings to our members, supporters and all who are striving for true political and economic democracy both at home and abroad.

This year marks the centenary of the last occasion on which the Irish people acting as a unit expressed their democratic wishes and elected the First Dáil Éireann. This was the last act of All-Ireland democracy and is a reminder the present paritionist set-up came about by the suppression of the functioning All-Ireland Republic.

When we look at the many political, social and economic problems confronting Ireland today the need to restore the All-Ireland Republic is an essential first. We present Éire Nua and Saol Nua as the most effective way to make that Republic a reality for all sections of the Irish people.

This coming year brings many challenges to the Irish people. Ten years ago, following the collapse of the neo-liberal economic house of cards across the world it was the most vulnerable who were sacrificed in a wave of savage economic austerity.  The struggle for even the most basic human need of a home and shelter continues and it is the duty of Irish Republicans to place themselves at the forefront of this campaign. It is a war that is being waged by the new imperialism of the EU and the neo-liberal economic elite. Activism such as the anti-water charges campaign points the way ordinary people can effectively fight back. Irish Republicans must demonstrate how that energy and idealism can be harnessed towards the more ambitious goal of building a New Ireland based upon the principles of the 1916 Proclamation.

In the Six Counties the Stormont Assembly remains suspended whilst its political class continue to draw down their salaries and expenses. The reality of British occupation does not change as political internment is used as a weapon to silence any dissenting voices.

We extend solidarity greetings to Gabriel Mackle who was ripped from his family by the forces of the British Crown in November only weeks after completing his sentence in Maghaberry prison.  We call for the immediate and unconditional release of Gabriel Mackle, Tony Taylor and Neil Hegarty. We also call for Gabriel’s immediate reinstatement on the Republican landing of Roe 3 in Maghaberry prison, as his exclusion from there is a blatant denial of his right to political status.

Internationally we express solidarity with all nations struggling for their right to national independence. The decision by the government of the United States of America to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel underlines the odds faced by the Palestinian people in their fight for a viable nation state.

We stand with the people of Catalunya in the coming year, who continue to express their democratic demand for national sovereignty, despite the Spanish State’s suppression of their parliament and government. The EU’s refusal to recognise the democratically-expressed will of the Cataloinian people for nationhood exposes the imperialist  nature of the EU superstate.

Irish Republicans remain committed to the struggle for a free Ireland within a world community of free nations.

Onwards to the All-Ireland Republic.

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