Brexit debacle

The following statement is issued from Republican Sinn Féin
Date: 5/12/2017
“The deal/no deal discussions on December 4 between Theresa May and Leo Varadkar highlights once more that those living in the British Occupied Six Counties are little more than pawns in the game for a good deal for the elite living in England. While Theresa May did draw back from the deal after contact from Arlene Foster of the DUP, the fact she was willing to put even limited distance between the ‘UK’ and the Occupied Six Counties shows how little they care for the actual people living in this part of Ireland; the main reason it floundered was that without the DUP, the British government falls.
Similarly, Arlene Foster and the DUP care little for the majority of those they claim to represent; the majority within this part of Ireland voted to stay within the EU. No more than in the lead-up to that vote, people are realising that any form of Border across Ireland will be detrimental to business in both jurisdictions. Standing on the idea that some form of electronic system will suffice for what could be an international frontier, the DUP are ignoring logic and worldwide evidence, that such a system is unworkable.
It is time that all parties look past their own prejudices and rhetoric; it is time to look at the only solution that has not been tried in Ireland. It is time for a British withdrawal. The Éire Nua document of Republican Sinn Féin is something that would still give those of a Unionist persuasion a substantial say in a Provincial Parliament, Dáil Uladh of a nine-county Ulster. As it stands today the Occupied Six Counties are ruled from Westminster, whilst Monaghan, Donegal and Cavan, and the three Provinces of Munster, Leinster and Connacht, are ruled from Dublin. 
If or when the Brexit deadline is reached, and Britain actually leaves the EU, the Unionists should be aware from the experience of history, that the Westminster government will look after England first with jobs, infrastructure and investment; all other areas will be well down the pecking order. The British Tories have a long history of “playing the orange card” for their own advantage.
It is time for a mature, honest debate on how the people of all of Ireland can move forward as a sovereign unit, with the interests of the people being paramount. Time for a new and United Ireland.

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