Arrests: Occupation Police Target Republican Activists

Ráiteas – Statement: 14/08/17

“Within the past 24 hours several members of Sinn Féin Poblachtach have been arrested in the Lurgan/Craigavon and Tyrone areas.  In one of the incidences a member was taken ill and needed an ambulance to take him to a hospital, as he was loaded into the ambulance a member of the colonial police pushed his way into the ambulance and insisted on accompanying the patient.

RTÉ news today described two men having been arrested for ‘terrorist related offences’ in relation to an un-notified parade in Lurgan last April.  It seems, remembering Ireland’s patriot dead is now a terrorist offence!

Also within Craigavon two car loads of TSG were seen cruising the area and on seeing a member of Sinn Féin they made an effort to apprehend him.  The member refused to stop and made good his escape.  Considering those who were arrested or attempted to be arrested are prominent in organising a community bonfire tonight we can only see this as either an effort to thwart the proposed bonfire or the removal of the organisers so that the bonfire descends into trouble.

This follows on from, what was meant to be a community event last week where Carla Lockhart of the DUP was invited to attend leading to many locals getting annoyed and leaving. Many local people then approached our members asking for us to organise a bonfire event. To this end materials were gathered and a band is organised for tonight. We want this to be a family event and for there to be no trouble. We call on all who attend not to allow the provocations from the police to spoil this community event.”


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