Irish Republicans Offer Condolences to Grenfell Tower Victims. Warn of Gentrification.


Preas Ráiteas: 16/06/2017

Looking at the “Gentrification” of many capital cities it is not hard to believe the words of one individual who pointed out that “shoddy plastic things” were fitted to the tower block, that the rich and elite want rid of the “eyesores that is these working class tower blocks .

Even if the actual cause of the initial fire was an accident, the fact remains that the residents actually predicted this.  The this type of external cladding, while meeting safety specs, has been linked to identical fires in the recent past.  One of the reasons for it being fitted in this case was so the tower block was aesthetically pleasing to those living in this affluent area of London.

A relatively recent vote on making rented accommodation safer for tenants was blocked by many within Westminster who are involved in, or have friends involved in the very lucrative rental market in London.

A just and decent society would have these people charged on conflict of interest charges with a view to corporate manslaughter charges. The blame goes far beyond the immediate landlord and even those who did the “upgrade work”.

Meanwhile the Bobby Sands / Anne Devlin Cumann, England offered their condolences with the People affected;

“The Sands/Devlin Cumann wish to send our deepest sympathies to all the victims and their families of the horrific fire that took place at Grenfell tower block in London.

The trauma, hurt and anguish the families and loved ones must be going through is unimaginable. Although nothing can take any of that away the Irish Republican community based in England stands with you in solidarity.

One thing that must be made clear from this dreadful event is that this tragedy would NEVER have been allowed to happen if this tower block had been the home of many of the boroughs wealthier residents.

The combination of a Tory government intent on austerity, an austerity that targets the poorest parts of society whilst allowing the richest to increase their wealth on the backs of those at the bottom and a Tory council trying to socially cleanse its area to make way for wealthy property developers.

These parasites for too long have seen the working class as not worthy of basic human rights and now once again as we have seen countless times in Ireland they have the blood of the innocent on their hands.”

Críoch / ENDs

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