Syria: RSF Condemn US Attack

Statement issued by Seán Ó Dubhláin, National PRO, Sinn Féin Poblachtach.

Ráitheas / Statement – 07/04/2017

“Overnight the United States launched naval based air strikes against a Syrian army air base in the city of Homs killing six soldiers, destroying infrastructure and ammunition supplies.

Republican Sinn Féin utterly condemns these latest acts of aggression against a sovereign nation.

The United States has no right to interfere in the affairs of Syria. Over the last six years they have trained, funded and provided material military aid in the region of billions of dollars to try topple Bashar al-Assad Government. Failing, it has resulted in great suffering for the innocent people caught up in this war.

The great so called ‘humanitarian nations’ of Saudi Arabia, Australia, Israel have all come out in support of these strikes. The so-called UK of course also cheering on this latest act of aggression which threatens a war of far greater proportions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had no prior warning. His Government has condemned the attacks.  Russia of course had a legal right to operate air-support missions in Syria backed by the Government. President Putin has stated this illegal attack seriously damages US / Russian relations.

Iran has also condemned the attack, calling it ‘destructive and dangerous.’

It seems clear the recent chemical attacks in Syria are but a proxy in the classic scenario of problem, reaction, solution.

Republican Sinn Féin once more highlights the wrong and unwanted use of Shannon Airport by the US war machine. The People of Ireland had no say in this but yet it remains a reality backed up by imperialist lapdogs in Leinster House.”


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