Stormont: Designed to uphold British Rule in Ireland


Republican Sinn Féin members and supporters were on the streets lately agitating on behalf of a New Ireland – Éire Nua.  We called on the People in the occupied six counties not to support the occupation by voting in the Stormont elections and instead adopt the traditional values of revolutionary Irish Republicanism.

17098674_1740020952955511_5311317911610131885_nAs Republican Sinn Féin President Des Dalton stated in January, “Nothing will change as it in the interests of both the Provos and the DUP to keep the Stormont gravy train rolling on. The only losers once more will be the working class of the Six Counties, Protestant and Catholic, as it is their communities that will be relentlessly ravaged by the austerity cuts the political class at Stormont will continue to implement on behalf of their political masters in Westminster.”

Republican Sinn Féin Ulster PRO, Martin McLoone also stated that, “The British government does not care what happens to the Irish, North or South; they only care about how to mitigate their budget to the occupied territory in the 6 counties whilst gaining the right to plunder our resources through cross-border initiatives, as seen in the push to allow the fracking process.”

16998692_1309702992452591_3003106283454615227_nRepublican Sinn Féin National PRO, Seán Ó Dubhláin stated that, “By giving your vote to any individual or party in the Stormont elections is to lend your support to the British occupation of Ireland.  There is no in between, no stepping stone towards a United Ireland.  Organised abstention towards the creation of  ÉIRE NUA must begin by rejecting outright the counter revolutionary partitionist states.”

Republican Sinn Féin has long stated that in the Six Counties the new Stormont assembly that was set up as a successor to the old Stormont parliament which was overthrown by 16806737_1309741355782088_5750405924731622176_nthe peoples struggle in 1972 is nothing more than a sectarian headcount. The only thing different was the active participation of a large section of the nationalist community in implementing British law on behalf of the English.

The Belfast Agreement, if it runs its course, promises many more decades of working class alienation and institutionalisd sectarianism. The sooner it falls for good, the better.  With Brexit looming, the political makeup across Ireland is set to change.  Now is the time to forge ahead and create a United and Sovereign Ireland.

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