RUC/PSNI raids in Derry condemned by RSF


Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

“Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemns the raids in Creggan, Derry on February, 28, 2017. As is the norm with these heavy-handed assaults on Republican/Nationalist areas, homes were heavily damaged, vehicles taken away, phones/laptops seized and fathers/partners dragged away for “questioning”.

The raids went on for hours, yet nothing incriminating was found. This, of course, did not stop the heavily-armed colonial police from seizing electronic devices from the houses irrespective of who they belonged to, using the usual excuse of them being held for examination of criminal or dissident Republican activity.

It is worthy of note that as the Occupied Six Counties approaches another election to the ever-failing Stormont assembly, little or no condemnation has been heard from those who purport to represent nationalists and Republicans have nothing to say about the ongoing repression within these communities from all branches of the British security services.
As this press release goes to print we are getting word that those arrested have been released. It is plain to see that these raids are just a continuation of the hundreds of years of unjust and unnecessary repression suffered by the people of Ireland because of the occupation of all or part of their land.

We call on all people to oppose this occupation of the six north-eastern counties of Ireland, reject Stormont for what it is; a means of normalising the occupation and a method of paying of former Republicans. The only solution not yet tried is the complete and total withdrawal of the occupying forces and the dismantling of the British system of governance. It is past time for a United and Sovereign Ireland.”


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