A Bizarre Orange & Green State


The following statement has been issued by Martin Mc Loone, a Republican Sinn Féin activist from Derry and a former Political Prisoner who served time in Maghaberry during the ‘Dirty Protest’ of 2011.  He is currently active on many issues in his locality and studying as a full time student.  He offers his views here on the impending ‘crisis-election’ gearing up in the 6 Counties.  Based on the Republican position of abstentionism, he argues the need to abstain from this election and not validate “this bizarre orange and green state.

“As Stormont looms into another crisis, the assembly of the Westminster government has exposed its own corruption and its purpose as a sectarian talk shop used to divide the Irish people and hinder the people’s progress towards real peace and security within a United Ireland context.

We are now faced with a potential election and I would strongly urge that people abstain from voting. Some will say look at the civil rights movement what they achieved, how can we simply refuse to vote?

Well today your vote means absolutely nothing as the system is engineered to be a power sharing executive meaning that the status quo, this bizarre orange and green state, will be maintained.

You have no right to vote in a government election, you cannot vote in either Leinster house or Westminster, unless you live in England or the 26 counties of Ireland, you can vote in an assembly of the British Government aka Stormont, which continually capitulates to Westminster placing the Irish people at the bottom of the rung as always, and why are we at the bottom?

The people of the six counties are disenfranchised and are subject to laws passed by a foreign government and parliament which is not accountable to them and which they did not elect. Further the 26-County assembly at Leinster House is not an All-Ireland body and so is not representative of the whole people of Ireland.

The British government does not care what happens to the Irish, North or South;  they only care about how to mitigate their budget to the occupied territory in the 6 counties whilst gaining the right to plunder our resources through cross-border initiatives, as seen in the push to allow the fracking process.

Just like welfare reform, the bedroom tax is coming, more austerity and just like those, fracking will happen, and we will suffer further hardships in the future.  Did you vote the Tory government into Westminster? No.

Take the power back into your own hands and call the curtain on this farce and abstain your vote in this coming election, this call to action goes out to all the people of the 6 counties.

Realise your potential, realise that you are the power within this nation and realise that in the current context you are only a part of a nation which has been occupied by a union that has exploited you and gives you no say in how it conducts its affairs. You are powerless within this context.

I urge you again to take the power into your own hands and forge a nation, forge a United Ireland for all the Irish people of every denomination.”

– Martin Mc Loone, Sinn Féin Poblachtach Doire

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