END Evictions, People Unite {RSF Statement}


Preas Ráitheas / Press Release

unnamedOn Friday 14th October while a family from Clonlara were in the courts attempting to stop a repossession order being enacted, a “security team acting on behalf of the bank illegally gained access to the home and forcibly removed the adult children who had remained at home with their siblings while in the presence of members of An Garda Síocánna and despite the fact that those attempting this eviction had no paperwork or court documentation these thugs violently removed family members.

It is plain to see that the Gardaí are no longer “guardians of the peace” but more State enforcers for big business. They have showed their collective colours at Corrib in Mayo on the streets of most cities when the unwanted water meters were being forced on householders and again and almost every eviction throughout the state.

Luckily for the homeowners their children, who were also in the home when the eviction began, took a stand and barricaded themselves in a bedroom. The security thugs drew the line at forcibly removing them from the house but did in fact block them into this bedroom , denying them access to any other part of the house including the bathroom. These children must be commended for their bravery and commitment to retain possession of the family home, they remained steadfast throughout the night and through the next day.

At approx 4pm the next day, with activists present from around Ireland, it was decided to retake the house despite all windows and doors (except that occupied by the children) being shuttered by the so-called security companies Assess was gained through the children’s room by activists who then proceeded to unblock that bedroom door and confront the security that had remained overnight. An offer was made to the security that they could leave peacefully and without confrontation, an offer which they took.

The shutters which had been bolted to all windows and doors were then removed. It is worth mentioning that considerable damage was done to the home by those fitting these barricades, but in the spirit of solidarity friends, neighbours and activists repaired as much of the damage as possible. It is a disgrace that in the year 2016 people are still being evicted at the behest of the rich and powerful. Also it must be added that banks, builders, developers and property speculators were bailed out by the citizens of Ireland, yet when the same citizens have difficulty with mortgages these same entities are all too quick to seek eviction. The state refuses to even look at debt write-off for the ordinary citizen. And in yet another slap in the face for the citizen, especially those who have lost their homes, these same homes are then sold off at below the market rate to the self-same people who wrought this disaster on the people of Ireland.

We can only hope that the initiative this weekend will be a wake-up call to all activists to mobilize in opposition to the ongoing theft of homes from people which is in itself adding to the already huge numbers of people living on the streets or in sub-standard accommodation.

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