Reject Poision Fruits of Capitalism – Fight instead for the Socialist Republic


In a statement issued by Sinn Féin Poblachtach Wexford, they had the following to say regarding the news that ‘Apple’ have been ordered to pay to the Free State billions in unpaid taxes.  Unsurprisingly the Neo-Colonial Capitalist Free State has once more showed its true colours.

Preas Ráitheas / Press Release – 30/08/2016

tim_cook_apple_ceo_ap“Roughly 4,000 adults and 2,000 children are currently homeless in the 26 counties.  HSE hospital waiting lists are the worst in Europe.  Our people are dying on the streets and in hospital corridors, and with a so called “national debt” of €185 billion there is no end to this situation in sight.

It has now been revealed that the tech giant Apple were given €13 billion undue tax benefits by the 26 county establishment and were ordered to pay the full amount. It seems obvious to any right thinking person that such a large sum could do a lot to relieve the housing crisis and fund our understaffed hospitals.

But instead of opting to do the right thing by the people of Ireland, the lackeys in Leinster House have again decided to protect the interests of foreign capital, pledging to use more tax payers money to fight this ruling.

That’s right, they don’t want the money back as it could put these huge corporations off doing business here and making vast sums of money off the backs of the Irish people. Once again the Free State has failed the people they supposedly represent. Reject the failed states North and South, promote Eire Nua for a workable alternative that serves the people!”


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