British Oppression Increases



Preas Ráitheas / Press Release – 30/06/2016

Statement by Seán Ó Dubhláin, National PRO, Sinn Féin Poblachtach

Republican Sinn Féin condemn last nights acts of oppression by uniformed thugs of the British State against our members.

Members of Republican Sinn Féin including two members of the Ard Chomhairle were out selling the latest issue of the monthly newspaper SAOIRSE when the car they were travelling in was stopped and ambushed by an estimated six unmarked cars containing members of the notorious Territorial Support Group (TSG) and PSNI.  Our members were assaulted as they were forcibly removed from the car, dragged across the road and handcuffed by these agents of British rule who were heavily armed with sub machine guns.  This followed a full days activity from the PSNI helicopter over the Lurgan area.

Later that night all across the Lurgan, Kilwilkie and Craigavon areas a British military spotter plane was recorded conducting reconnaissance along with a British helicopter.  These nationalist areas were blocked off as the PSNI made their presence known on the ground.  According to one RSF member they were, “sitting at every corner around the out skirts of Lurgan tarry and Kiwillkie and all the drive troughs of the estate.”

Late last month twelve members of Republican Sinn Féin from different parts of Ireland were arrested by the PSNI for taking part in a commemoration unveiling a monument in Kilwilkie dedicated to a local volunteer who died in action in 1916, Edward Costello.  A ten year old child was also questioned and cautioned at the side of the road having been removed from the bus he was travelling in.

This increased harassment of Republicans over the last few days has not been limited to North Armagh.  In Counties Derry and Tyrone in recent days increased surveillance, abuse of Stop & Search powers and verbal abuse has been directed towards members of Republican Sinn Féin.

It is very clear that by this increased oppression the British State fears the core message of Revolutionary Republicanism, let it be noted, we will neither be purchased nor intimidated.  Those who suffer most are the ordinary people who feel locked down and trapped in their own communities by this senseless and unjustified occupation.  For peace with justice, it must end.


FILM;   “>Last night, Members of RSF Assaulted by TSG/PSNI. 29/06/2016

FILM;   “>This morning, British Army Jeeps (Painted White) and PSNI Armoured Landrovers. 30/06/2016



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