Republican POW assaulted in Maghaberry Jail


Preas Raitheas / Press Release

On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, Republican Sinn Fein learned that Republican prisoner Gabriel Mackle was assaulted and dragged off Roe House, Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim, by the riot team, because Gabriel refused to turn off his music. The screw hit the alarm and the riot squad arrived and subsequently Gabriel was handcuffed, taken off the landing and the landing was locked down.

We have no further details on Gabriel’s whereabouts. This is yet another incident in a long line of attacks against Republican prisoners and specifically Gabriel Mackle who is singled out time and time again because he refuses to be criminalised.

Recently the jail administration refused Gabriel the right to engage with his religious beliefs and celebrate his son first Holy Communion. Later that same week he was mysteriously turned down for legal aid to pursue the case on a judicial review, which is beyond bizarre as it rarely occurs.

Clearly the petty vindictive attitude remains a part of the screw psyche, where the denial of political status and the general freedom to conduct their own affairs continues. Aggression will be met with resistance and thus the conflict continues, and the wishes of the POWs for a conflict free environment denied.


POW Department Republican Sinn Fein

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