CT, USA: Éire Nua U.S. 2016 Campaign Kickoff


Press Release
30 December 2015
Connecticut, USA

“The flame of Irish Nation-Hood has not been extinguished and it is time for new political action in the United States. We owe our gratitude to all steadfast Irish American activists who have supported and continue to support the cause of Irish Freedom. So many have sacrificed so much for the cause of Ireland. However, the 32 county Irish Republic is unfinished business; it remains an on-going goal. Your renewed commitment to getting the British out and creating one United Ireland as declared in 1916 is needed.

Today’s blueprint for an All-Ireland Republic as envisioned by the patriots of 1916 is Éıre Nua – New Ireland. An Ireland worthy of the lofty ideals of the 1916 Proclamation, based on true political, social and economic democracy. It would be an honor if you would contribute your good will to the Éıre Nua Campaign in the U.S.

Originally authored in 1971, Éıre Nua seeks an All-Ireland Constitutional Convention leading to a four province, federal democratic Republic comprising all of Ireland. Many of you have acted in similar capacities before and we call on you again to join and unite with the Éıre Nua Campaign. It is now time for a well-coordinated push. The Éıre Nua goal is to have the appropriate U.S. Congressional Oversight Committee listening to our Irish American voices seeking recognition of the Éıre Nua – New Ireland program as recorded in the U.S. Congressional Record in 1973.

The National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) has re-launched the Éı re Nua Campaign in the U.S. and it is drawing endorsements and memberships. We ask you to join an Éıre Nua Campaign in your home state and work with others to learn the ideals via presentations, teleconferences, planning activities and participating in promotional events explaining the awareness of Éıre Nua – New Ireland.

We are also soliciting ideas and contacts for educational forums/gatherings of interested people to whom we can present the Éıre Nua Program to as an alternative to the current situation in Ireland. To discuss what you can do, please contact an Éıre Nua U.S. Campaign activist at eirenua.anois@gmail.com or visit the campaign web sites at: www.eirenua.net or www.irishfreedom.net .”

Peadar Mac Maghnuis and Seosamh O Flatharty, Eire Nua U.S. Co-Chairs

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