Kurdistan: Imperialists show their true colours

tumblr_ns27nrT6Sw1tj8yzlo1_500Statement by the International Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin

In a statement, the International PRO of Republican Sinn Féin condemned the recent Turkish bombing of PKK positions in southern Kurdistan/ northern Iraq as well as the wave of arrests and police repression against members of the Kurdish liberation movement and activist of the revolutionary left all over Turkey. He also highlighted the shameful position of the USA government and NATO in the face of the escalating aggression.

370772_Turkey-PKK“After years of inaction against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Daesh), despite ever more appalling savageries, the Turkish air force has finally carried out airstrikes against them. But while strikes against Daesh in northern Syria were limited to a single sortie against a limited number of targets, air raids against positions of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) in northern Iraq amounted to 185 sorties against 400 targets in three waves between July 24th and 26th. This shows clearly were the priorities of the Turkish government lie.

Gunay OzarslanThe wave of arrests that has swept Turkey in the past days paints a similar picture. Police action focussed more on Kurdish and Left activists than on the network Daesh has managed to build up in Turkey. During one of the raids Günay Özarslan, an activist of the Halk Cephesi (Peoples Front) organisation, was killed by police.

Anyone who followed the developments in both Syria and Turkey cannot be surprised by the latest actions of the Turkish government. The International Bureau of Republican Sinn Féin has continuously highlighted repression against activists in Turkey and the plight of political prisoners.”

The statement went on to condemn the US government and NATO for their support of the attacks on Kurdish forces.

“As Turkish bombs are falling on souther Kurdistan, the US government has stated its support for the Turkish government ‘defending itself against terrorists’ while at a NATO summit called for by Turkey, NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said NATO was standing ‘in strong solidarity with our ally Turkey’.

Over the last year, airstrikes of the US-led Coalition against Daesh around besieged Kobane and elsewhere in Iraq and Syria have led some to believe they were trustworthy allies. Now, the imperialists have shown their true colours by immediately dropping their temporary allies, YPG and even the FSA units fighting alongside them, in favour of Turkey. The Kurds have been sold out as they have been so many times before and now face both the Turkish NATO war machine and the inhuman savagery of Daesh.

To top off the recent developments, Turkish president Erdogan has formally declared the so-called peace process to be over. Irish Republicans know only too well that there is nothing gained from any ‘peace process’ with the occupier wherein the latter dictates the conditions. Irish Republicans are convinced that only a controlled and disciplined campaign of physical force, combined with presenting a real, viable political, social and economic alternative for the people, will lead to liberation. In this struggle, the Republican Movement in Ireland and abroad stands in solidarity with the Kurdish people,” the statement of the International PRO of Republican Sinn Féin concluded.


for confirmation: International PRO Republican Sinn Féin, international@rsf.ie

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