Republican Sinn Féin calls for support of Dunnes Store workers

At a meeting on Sunday, April 26, 2015 the Dunnes Store shop stewards decided to organise a national protest march on June 6.

Republican Sinn Féin, on April 28, called on all people to defend worker’s rights in Ireland and to support the Dunnes Store workers on June 6.

Earlier in April up to 6,000 Dunnes Store workers took industrial action in order to achieve basic entitlements such as fair pay, secure hours and earnings, job security, and the right to trade union representation in the 26 Counties. Protests in solidarity of the demands were also held in the Occupied Six Counties.

Since then some of those workers who took part in the industrial action, organised by the campaign Decency for Dunnes Workers, were sacked by management.

The harsh working conditions imposed on the Dunnes Store workers are just the latest example of the erosion of workers’ rights in Ireland since the beginning of the economic crisis.

Therefore, Republican Sinn Féin unconditionally supports the demands of the Dunnes Store workers.

A spokesperson of Republican Sinn Féin said that “an attack on one worker is an attack on all workers in Ireland. For that reason, Republican Sinn Féin urges all the people of Ireland to support the Dunnes Store workers in their march on Dunnes Stores Head Office on June 6. Only unified protest by all workers can defend workers’ rights in Ireland.”


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