Revolutionary politics cornerstone to achieve united Ireland

dsc00953In a statement on April 9, 2015, Republican Sinn Féin said that it sees revolutionary politics as the cornerstone to achieve a united Ireland. The statement was issued in opposition to the Provisional leaders’ call for a referendum on Irish unity. “As long as Ireland is divided and one section of the Island is occupied by a foreign military force, there cannot be a truly democratic referendum,” a spokesperson for Republican Sinn Féin said.

During his Easter oration in Roslea, Co Fermanagh, the leader of the Provisionals, Gerry Adams, called for a “referendum on Irish unity”.

Republican Sinn Féin dismissed these claims saying: “The Republican position is clear: There cannot be a truly democratic referendum as long as Ireland is divided and as long as one section of the Island is occupied by a foreign military force.
“We in Republican Sinn Féin are convinced that only revolutionary politics will prepare the situation for a full British withdrawal from Ireland. Indeed, only British disengagement from Ireland will prepare the circumstances under those the Irish people, Catholic, Protestant, Dissenter, Migrants, and all other Minorities can decide on their future.

po“The vision of Republican Sinn Féin is outlined in our political programme Éire Nua. This document calls for a federal, democratic, socialist all-Ireland Republic. However, following British disengagement from Ireland, Republican Sinn Féin calls for the election of a constituent assembly. In this assembly, the representatives of Republican Sinn Féin will put forward our proposals for a New Ireland, that is Éire Nua.

“Due to our analyses, we are of the opinion that only a federal, democratic, socialist All-Ireland Republic as part of an independent League of Free Nations will provide the basis for a democratic and equal society for all of the people of Ireland.

“This analysis, and the programme developed from it, is the fundamental difference between the proposal for a referendum by Gerry Adams and the politics of Éire Nua by Republican Sinn Féin. A referendum for Irish Unity held while Ireland is divided and occupied is a reformist attempt to solve the core problems of Irish society. This reformist attempt will only lead, even in the unlikely case of electoral success, to an All-Ireland Free State, based on capitalist ideology. Consequently, a capitalist, 32-County Free State will establish an exclusive society and further deepen social inequality and national discrimination.

“The revolutionary vision of Republican Sinn Féin stands in contrast to the call by Gerry Adams. We are of the opinion that only revolutionary politics will tackle the fundamental problems of our society, ie, inequality, exclusEire Nua Map 6ion, racism, partition, repression, harassment, and occupation. The revolutionary overthrow of the corrupt political establishment in the 26-Counties and the British withdrawal will provide the circumstances to build such a society as outlined in Éire Nua. Thus, not a reformist referendum but revolutionary politics, is the cornerstone to achieve a united Ireland.

“Consequently, we call on all people of Ireland to read, promote, and fight for Éire Nua in the run-up of the 1916 Centenary. The only way to truly honour the leaders of the Easter Rising is to build a New Ireland,” the statement ended.


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