C.IRA POWs Issue Statement

Maghaberry Gaol

Maghaberry Gaol

We are sure all within our community will be aware of the ongoing construction which commenced on Thursday last on the republican landings in Roe house. Now that the construction is coming to an end it is clear to be seen that the jail administration has employed yet an other dirty trick from it arsenal. The access to the canteen /Rec room has seen controlled movement enhanced, were as before we only had to travel down through one this area, we now have to traverse three corridors beginning with a turn stile and ending with a turn stile. From today a number of POW’s have been charged with refusing to lock up as the prison administration cranks up the pressure. Over the past few days the screws have continuously locked us up using the false reason that alarms are sounding from other landings, We feel that theses alarms are being activated in an attempt to slow down movement on our landing thus decreasing the time available for the POW’s to carry out necessary tasks, i.e. showers/phone calls etc. Coupling this with the fact that the new turn stiles themselves are causing great problems an the screws in the pod are now operating a go slow policy when moving POW s about the wing, it has the effect of increasing the controlled movement as opposed to relaxing it.

How can this be seen as progress? They have constructed cages which link 3 areas on Roe 4, and 2 Areas on 3. This sees unprecedented levels of control inflicted on Republican POW s to the extent that security bully-boy Brian Armour refused POW s excess to food on Sunday 25-Jan-2015. His reasoning for this is because in his view their were “too many POW s in the said area”. Yet the reason for creating the cages was to allow unlimited numbers excess to the three areas. He has also refused to pass the food through a propose built openingthus leaving the POW’s without food for lengthy periods.

We continue to highlight the ongoing situation, the reason it is getting worse is solely because of the lack of progress since the agreement of August 2010.The continued use of controlled movement is destined to cause a further deterioration in any good will between POW”s and prison administration. Any negative consequences will stem from the administrations refusal to attempt to make progress and see the blame lie solely with prison staff and their bosses in N.I.P.S. They are creating a conflict fuelled environment that is neither good for themselves nor the POW’s.


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