Google Translate Shows Contempt for Irish Patriots and National Language

Preas Railteas / Press Release

The following statement was issued by Republican Sinn Féin Vice-President, Cáit Trainor, in it she said the following;

“The use of Google translate by the Freestate government in designing a website to commemorate the 1916 rising shows the utter contempt in which they hold our national language, it further demonstrates the seriousness in which they take the 1916 rising and the men and women who died for the freedom of Ireland, that freedom which is yet to be achieved.

A video released by the Freestate committee for 2016 fails to show anything related to the 1916 rising, much less a picture of any of the Patriots, instead they chose to show images of the British Queen and British Prime minister David Cameron. This revisionism is not lost on Republicans, who continue to fight British occupation to this day.

The Freestate’s attempts at claiming ownership of the legacy of 1916 have failed. With just over a year and half until Republicans commemorate the 1916 rising it is imperative that we do not allow counter revolutionaries to hijack its significance. The revolution of 1916 remains unfinished business and we will not allow our history to be whitewashed from the public conscience with an artificial account. There has not been and neither can there be any reconciliation with Britain until we finish the business of ridding Ireland of British rule. There is a clear plan from Republicans in Eire Nua on how we must achieve this, in 2015/16 we must fan the flames of resistance and reject any attempts at revising our history.


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