Seán Kennan Memorial Attacked

Press Release

Republicans gather in 2013 to commemorate Seán Keenan

Republicans gather in 2013 to commemorate Seán Keenan

The memorial dedicated to Derry Republican Seán Kennan has been attacked and vandalised in the early hours of the 12th July 2014, Republican Sinn Féin members quickly resolved the situation and the memorial has now been cleaned and restored.

Republican Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Derry Mickey McGonagle said “This is a shameless act, those who would enter an area with the sole intention of desecrating a memorial are to be wholly condemned. We believe everyone has the right to remember their dead and that goes for everyone across the board”

Matthew O’Donnell, Chairperson of the Toner/Keenan Cumann, Derry said: “This was an attempt to heighten tensions in the local area over the 12th July, this was obvious provocation. The Derry cumann moved quickly to clean the memorial while locally people have been outraged at this act of vandalism”


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