Oppression breeds resistance

While Martin McGuinness dines with the head of the British Armed forces which continues to occupy Ireland’s 6 Nor10154066_1439687899610738_8250512257652787225_nth Eastern Counties.  The British Military are ransacking and terrorising communities which have not bought into the sell-out that was the Belfast Agreement.

For the second time in a week swarms of PSNI land-rovers and British Military vehicles have invaded Craigavon in typical fashion tearing through homes and abusing the inhabitants.

The above is a warrant for one of the houses!  Notice it says “military on behalf of PSNI”.  This is despite media propaganda which suggests the British Army are not on Irish streets.  More lies from an imperial force whose days are spent.  Reports at present, two arrested.

Oppression breeds Resistance.  England get out of Ireland.

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