Convention selects Tomás Ó Curraoin in Galway

ON December 4, 2013 Republican Sinn Féin in Galway held its election convention in the Connemara Coast Hotel, Co Galway.

Current Galway County Councillor Tomás Ó Curraoin was selected to stand once again in the Conamara area of Galway in the upcoming local elections in 2014 with Matt Ó Brádaigh as director of elections.

Speaking after his selection Tomás said he was “proud to have been given the opportunity to have represented the people of Conamara on Galway County Council since 2009 and I am honoured to be selected once again by Republican Sinn Féin to stand for election.

“I will continue to carry on working on behalf of the people of Conamara on such issues as a fire brigade for South Conamara, housing, road issues, footpaths, planning issues, and bus shelters and lay-bys.

“I will continue to stand by small farmers and fishermen and I will stand up for the rights of people to cut turf, and I will continue to raise issues such as employment for our youth and the care needs of our elderly.”

Speaking at the convention the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton had the following to say, “We are very proud of Tomás and always have been. Tomás has been the standard-bearer in the West for Republicanism since the 1980s and all the elections in between. He has always carried himself with great dignity and honour.

“We were particularly proud in 2009 when all his hard work paid off and he was elected to represent the people of Conamara at Galway County Council. His work rate on the council is second to none and I have every confidence that Tomás will retain his seat.

“I think this coming election is going to be an important one. Many people are disillusioned with the establishment parties and candidates like Tomás are exactly the type of candidates that people are looking for to give political leadership.

Tomás is a candidate that gives politics a good name unlike those who demean it. He represents all that is good about community politics and activism.

“With all of that Tomás is an Irish Republican to his fingertips and has never hidden that and has carried the banner very high.”

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