Facts surrounding dismissals/resignations in Belfast, Cork and Newry.

RSF Recruitment 2Republican Sinn Féin is in the process of reorganising in some areas where unfortunately members had to be dismissed and other members left with them.

There is a lot of speculation out there regarding these areas and dismissals; the following is a synopsis of the facts surrounding those dismissals in Belfast, Cork and Newry.


On the instructions of the Ard Chomhairle a full audit of finances was undertaken by the National Treasurers of the Ulster office in Belfast following a refusal by the Ulster Office in Belfast to produce accounts. This resulted in the suspension of two members for “misappropriation of funds and misleading the Movement”.

The inquiry into the two members was properly constituted under the Republican Sinn Féin Constitution and was comprised of people who were not members of the Ard Chomhairle. Neither the two people who were dismissed, their witnesses or their advocate chose to attend the inquiry; the two people charged were dismissed in their absence.

At this stage Geraldine Taylor was not dismissed but was suspended and charged with not attending the Inquiry and her conduct at the Ulster Office (in June) which brought the office of Vice-President into disrepute. She failed to attend the appeal, which took place in her absence and recommended her dismissal. Her dismissal was accepted by the Ard Chomhairle.

To say that people were dismissed without an opportunity to defend themselves is a downright lie.

Prior to the inquiry, members of the McKelvey/Steele Cumann withdrew its support from the Leadership of the Organisation. Geraldine Taylor was among those who signed this letter, she refused to withdraw the letter or accept the findings of the inquiry.

The fact that Geraldine was dismissed from Republican Sinn Féin was first posted on the internet by one of her Cumann members and this information was relayed to her.

There was no character assassination of anyone by Republican Sinn Féin members.

Geraldine Taylor was one of a number of people along with members of I.R.V. who picketed the 2013 Ard Fheis.


The two members in Belfast requested Donal Varian from Cork to act as advocate for them during their inquiry. This was agreed by the Inquiry panel. When the inquiry sat it recommended that “having failed to attend the Inquiry Donal Varian face charges for showing contempt and disrespect for the Inquiry and Movement”.

Donal Varian was suspended and charged with “Undermining Republican Sinn Féin by deliberately obstructing the work of an Inquiry set up by the Ard Chomhairle and Undermining confidence in the leadership of the Organisation”. He was subsequently dismissed by the Ard Chomhairle meeting in July. He chose not to appeal his dismissal or engage in any way with the Leadership. The rest of the Cumann members refused to engage with the leadership either. The Ard Chomhairle arranged a meeting and travelled to Cork in early January but no member of the Cork Cumann turned up, nor did they notify any member of the leadership that they would not attend. In September they boycotted the Liam Lynch Commemoration in Fermoy organised by Republican Sinn Féin. Several letters have been sent to them over a long period of time but to date no reply has been received by Ard Oifig. Instead they have chosen to post what can only be described as disingenuous information on various forums, FaceBook and the wider internet. Therefore Cumann Mac Curtaín/MacSuibhne, Cork was stood down and the members dismissed. The Cumann is no longer affiliated to Republican Sinn Féin.


In the latter quarter of 2013 an allegation was made against a new member of the Newry Cumann in relation to ties with a convicted drug dealer. The Leadership did not know of these ties when she was accepted into the organisation. Once this information came to our attention she was suspended and a formal investigation was begun under the auspices of the Ard Comhairle, following which she was dismissed. While she had a right to an appeal this decision she chose not to do so. Certain Cumann members were willing to overlook/ignore her ties and chose to resign rather than accept the Organisation’s ruling.

While loyalty to one’s friends is an admirable trait, disloyalty to Republican Sinn Féin and the Movement is not. In all cases the members chose loyalty to a friend over loyalty to Republican Sinn Féin and the Republican Movement.

Members and supporters in those areas that are unsure of who is/is not aligned to the organisation can contact Head Office at 223, Parnell Street, Dublin 1; saoirse@iol.ie or 00353-1-8729747.

We are in the process of reorganising in Belfast, Cork and Newry and those wishing to apply for membership can send their names to the above or to cork@rsf.ie (not rsfcork.com and rsfcork@gmail.com which are no longer affiliated to Republican Sinn Féin), to belfast@rsf.ie or fill the application form on http://www.rsf.ie


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