Brendan Tobin Remembered

Today, 27th January, Republicans gathered in St marys cemetery in Enniscorthy to pay respect to lifelong republican Brendan Tobin.  Gareth Hyland layed a wreath on the grave on behalf of the newly re-organised Rafter/Mellows Cumann and Sean Barnes layed a wreath on behalf of Wexford Republican Graves Association. Following on from the wreath laying, a minutes silence was observed with the colour party dipping the tricolour.

Mick Hunt then read a statement which said: We came here today to pay our respects to our dear friend and comrade Brendan Tobin, who passed away a year ago today. Brendan joined the republican movement in 1964 and was an active member right up to his passing. Through his life he remained true to the Republic proclaimed in 1916. After the sellout by the provisionals in 1986 he remained true to the cause andconyinued to work tirelessly for Republican Sinn Fein, selling the SAOIRSE and attending meetings indublin and Commemorations all over Ireland. And indeed holding his ground with other members of RSF on O Connell st when the free state governmnt, to their shame, invited the sectarian orange order to march past the G.P.O. No way was brendan going to let that happen. Brenadn was a founding member of Cumman Rafter/Mellows of RSF here in Enniscorthy, a town synominus with Easter 1916. He was also an avid GAA fan who loved hurling above all, and was the holder of an All Ireland Minor winners medal, and he loved nothing more than talking about hte great games and players of the past over a glass of whiskey. Although Brenadan loved the GAA, he was devestated when the queen of england was brought to Croke Park and swore he would never set foot there again. Brendan has been big loss to the republican movement here in county Wexford. He was a very intelligent man, but above all he was a very loyal man, loyal to his ideals, his priciples, and especially to his friends. And his friends loved him, which was evident at his funeral which was attended by friends from every part of the country. All down the years Enniscorthy has a tradition of Republicanism, from 1798 to 1916, the civil war to the border campaign ( George Keegan who died in the border campaign is buried just across from us ) right up to the present day. It is men like brendan Tobin who have ensured that that continnuity will contineu until we have the 32 county Republic.