26-County Budget – latest salvo in a war of economic imperialism

Press Release/Preas Ráiteas

Statement by the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton, October 15, 2013

RSF activists outside Leinster House today.

Republican Sinn Féin activists outside Leinster House today.

Once again the Leinster House political elite have targeted the most vulnerable members

of society in order to protect the interests of the wealthy. The singling out of the elderly and the young unemployed exposes the harsh reality of the neo-liberal economics that drives the economic and social policy of the 26-County Administration. Cutting access to a full medical card to thousands of people over seventy as well as the renewed targeting of the young unemployed, leaving many with no other option but to emigrate, is reminiscent of the ‘Poor Law’ mentality of the 1840s when starvation or the coffin ship were the only options that were provided.  The ability to care for the old and provide for the young define what is a civilised society.  The barbarians have breached the gates.

The Leinster House political class are collaborating against the interests of their own people in order to prop up the economic agenda of the EU power elites.  This budget is just the latest salvo in a war of economic imperialism being waged against ordinary people, workers, the unemployed, the rural and urban poor, the young and the old across Europe.

The budget as an exercise is largely a media event, as the major decisions are already made by the political and economic masters in Brussels and the European Central Bank.  This is the new face of imperialism and people must awake to the reality that they are now locked in a struggle for the very survival of the norms of a civilised society not only in Ireland but across Europe and beyond.


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