GAA act as recruiting Sergeant for RUC/PSNI

Statement by the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton: The inclusion of a recruitment advertisement in the match programme for the Minor and Senior All-Ireland Football finals on Sunday last (September 22) for the RUC/PSNI, marks yet a further step in the hijacking of Irish sporting and cultural bodies in order to normalise British occupation in Ireland.

The leadership of the GAA is allowing itself to become a recruitment sergeant for a British Colonial Police force, whose primary role is to enforce and uphold British Rule in the Six Counties. Coming on the back of the staging of Fleadh Cheoil Na hÉireann in Derry in August it shows the insidious nature of the campaign of normalisation.

The very badges of our separate identity as a nation are being inverted in furtherance of a political agenda, which seeks to rob us of that very cultural, social and political identity which our music, games and language symbolise.

This is a form of cultural imperialism that seeks to use Irish culture as a weapon against the very concept of an independent 32-County Irish Nation. Shame on those who collaborate and allow our cultural and sporting organisations to be hijacked for such a base purpose.



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