Dan Keating – Films

Kerry Philosophers.  Dan Keating, IRA from the Sons of O’Connor-Scarteen.

Patrick Connor-Scarteen and the late Dan Keating (last man standing from the War of Independence, then 104 years old) discuss the Civil War and the continuing dilemma of the hope for a republic in a partitioned Ireland. Extract from The Sons of O’Connor-Scarteen, part of RTÉ’s Blacksheep series. Dir: David Fox (TX: May 2006)


Dan Keating Interview on Easter Rising – 2007

A short interview with Dan Keating before his death in 2007 aged 105. Dan was the last surviving IRA member from the Tan war and Civil war. In interview he gives his opinions on the Free State and the so called ‘Irish army’ commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising. He also gives his opinion on the good friday agreement. Dan was a patron of Republican Sinn Féin up until his death.


Dan Keating Interview 2007

An interview with Óglach Dan Keating, shortly before his death. A volunteer of the Irish Republican Army and a supporter of Irish independence.


Dan Keating – Little Big Man, Part 1

Audio interview with 105 year old Dan Keating, patron of Republican Sinn Fein and last surviving participant in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, who relates his views on the ‘troubles’, the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association, the GAA, internment, President Mary McAleese and the state of Celtic Tiger Ireland. Part 2, 3 & 4 to follow.


Dan Keating – Little Big Man Part 2

Audio interview – Ballyseedy, DeValera, Executions of Republicans, Stephen Hayes.


Dan Keating Little Big Man, Part 3

105 year old Irish War of Independence veteran recalls events from his lifetime.


Dan Keating Little Big Man, Part 4

Dan Keating, last survivor of the Irish War of Independence, talks about the GAA, John Joe Sheehy, Con Brosnan, Celtic Tiger Ireland, Adams and McGuinness, Republican Sinn Féin, Democracy.