irish-flagIn this section we will have information about veterans of the Republican Cause who have honored Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach by becoming Patrons of our organization.

They who throughout their life’s spent themselves in service of the Irish Republic were the backbone of the Movement, they set a shining example for those who want to achieve an Irish Republic.  They did not tolerate double standards and they never deviated from the Republic Proclaimed in 1916, their legacy is one of unbroken continuity and we ourselves in Sinn Féin Poblachtach intend to carry on until victory, vowing never to be purchased or intimidated.

The following words from Terence MacSwiney are a testament to all who have labored throughout their lives and likewise for the countless men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice weather on the field of battle or in the prisons or on the scaffold or before the firing squads;

“But some will never survive to celebrate the great victory that will establish our independence; yet they shall not go without reward; for to them will come a vision of soul of the future triumph, an exaltation of soul in the consciousness of labouring for that future, an exultation of soul in the knowledge that once its purpose is grasped, no tyranny can destroy it, that the destiny of our country is assured, and her dominion will endure for ever. Let any argument be raised against one such pioneer—he knows this in his heart, and it makes him indomitable, and it is he who is proven to be wise in the end. He judges the past clearly, and through the crust of things he discerns the truth in his own time, and puts his work in true relation to the great experience of life, and he is justified; for ultimately his work opens out, matures, and bears fruit a hundredfold. It may not be in a day, but when his hand falls dead, his glory becomes quickly manifest. He has lived a beautiful life, and has left a beautiful field; he has sacrificed the hour to give service for all time; he has entered the company of the great, and with them he will be remembered for ever. He is the practical man in the true sense. But there is the other self-styled practical man, who thinks all this proceeding foolish, and cries out for the expedient of the hour. Has he ever realised the promise of his proposals? No, he is the most inefficient person who has ever walked the earth. But for a saving consideration let him go contemplate the wasted efforts of the opportunist in every generation, and the broken projects scattered through the desert-places of history.”

Terence MacSwiney, Principles of Freedom, Chapter 2, Seperation